Monthly Archives: March 2012

Well, we made it too the tip!  We are in Cabo San Lucas. We have camped on the sea, in the estero, in the desert and in the mountains. We have been lost many times, harassed by cops, and stuck in beach sand, but we are doing well. We found a little surf, petted some gray whales, mountain biked down a mountain, and got invited to a quincinera. We have lots of video, and a few pictures to share with you now.

The mission in San Ignacio.  A beautiful town with a beautiful Mission, but the townspeople gave us dirty looks everywhere we went.

Justin in the mission in San Ignacio.

Sean in the mountains of San Francisco

Sean diagnosing truck problems.

Dinner from LA Bay.

Justin setting up his camera.

Well it is almost time. Justin and I are about to embark on our trip through Baja.  We got our tourist cards, some supplies and sampled some Baja cuisine. These are a few pics from our trip down today,


Official paper work.

Justin Breakin'

Then Justin did some breakin'.

TJ pirates with their TJ booty. Steff, Ethan, Paul, and Justin

Birria tacos from super secret TJ location.

I think the highest form of art is the tastefully done female nude.

I wonder what is in the red jar?

Steff and Justin

Steff and Justin

I think there might be some ice-cream envy going on here.

We are going to be filming a documentary about our trip through Baja. You can check out this project at    Baja the Final Frontier