Monthly Archives: April 2012

This is a Quincenera Justin and I got invited to while going to check out Grey Whales in Guero Negro.  For those of you who don’t know a Quincenera is the “coming of age” 15th birthday party for Mexican girls. These are just a few pics I snapped in between taking a bunch of video. I need to get all the names of the people I got photos and video of, and the name of the ranch the party took place at.  I am hoping my Facebook amigo Saul can help me out with this. I did not get many photos of the actual ceremony, but I did get a bunch of video, but you will have to wait until the video comes out.


Well we made it back home.  Everything went well.  The truck and all of our equipment held up just perfectly.  We want to thank everyone who made this possible.  Below are some of the many treasures that we found in Baja that we want to share with you.

We made it back!

Pirate Booty!

These uninteresting rocks are magic. If you look closely you will see little blue/green speckles. This is copper. When thrown into a campfire it turns the fire blue.

We brought back enough coral to give everyone who contributed a piece.

Assortment of rocks and seashells

Colorful volcanic rock

Giant piece of Obsidian

Sweet Baca Cabeza

Colorful volcanic rocks

Sweet Driftwood