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Day 1. Justin waiting for a wave at a secret spot in Baha Norte. There were a couple nice waste-high waves pushing through.

Lava formations

Baja is the land of subtle colors.

Day 3. Diagnosing truck problems in the Catavina Boulder fields.

Justin cleaning a cut on his foot.

Day 5. Bass from the Bay of LA

Justin cleaning the fish from the bay.

Day 7. Sierra de San Francisco

On a precipice in front of Sierra de San Francisco

The narrow road driving up to San Francisco to see the UNESCO world heritage rock paintings.

side view of the peak

Justin preparing a Mtn. biking time-lapse

Day 9. We visited the Mision San Ignacio

Mision Detail

Mision Tower

Day 10. Sunset on the north road to Scorpion Bay

Framing out the photo

Day 12. Scorpion Bay

Day 14. The campsite at punta Conejo

Day 14. The campsite at punta Conejo

Trying to blend in with the locals.

Trying to blend in with the locals.

Justin, sunset at punta Conejo

The Locals

Day 16. North of Todos Santos on the hundred mile long beach Justin plays some tunes.

Searching for black holes.

In Baja it is possible to get lost and end up on the Moon.

In Baja it is possible to get lost and end up on the Moon.

Sunrise from the moon.

The southern tip of Baja on the east-cape road.

Day 18. Heading north to La Paz. We are north of Los Barilles near Punta Pescadores.

Everything on this part of the peninsula was perfect while we were there. Between 75 and 80 degrees all day. No wind. Warm water. Few people. Lots of fish.

Day 21. More subtle colors of Baja. Near Loretto

Day 22. Sunrise on Bahia Concepcion

Another sunrise shot.

Flowering Ocotillo

Wild flowers. Note the Ball moss growing on the surrounding plants.

Mas wild flowers

Shrine to protect the fishermen.

The last day in Baja. A fading memory.

These are single shots from night time-lapses that I took down in Baja California

Moon beam

Nebular Explosion

Swarm of Crabs

Night Clouds

East Cape

Catavina Boulder Fields 1

Catavina Boulder Fields 2

Catavina Boulder Fields 3

San Juanico


This is a sneak preview from my Baha film. I had to post this. This is my favorite shot from the trip so far. Justin shot this footage using his GoPro camera. That is his hand reaching out to touch the whale. I recommend everyone should take this tour. It is in Baja California just south of Guero Negro. In the Ojo de Libre.